Why is New Delhi the capital of India?

Why New Delhi is the capital of India is often asked by many people, especially foreigners who do not understand the importance of the centrally located metropolis. New Delhi is the capital of India, a very large country in Southeast Asia. Many refer to it as the Indian subcontinent due to the size, dominance and cultural influence that India enjoys over the other regions of the continent. This article tries to find out the answer to this question of why New Delhi is the capital of India.

Delhi was the capital of the Sultanate for a long time

Long before the British decided to move their capital from Calcutta to Delhi, Delhi served as the capital of the Mughal Empire for centuries. In fact, the Mughal emperors ruled a large geographical area from here from 1649 to 1857. However, when the British came as the East India Company, they found that this ancient city was not perfect to become an administrative center. It was natural for the East India Company to make Calcutta their focal point as they entered the country from this eastern end and constructed their buildings and developed the place from a small fishing village into a large and vibrant city.

Bengal had become a movement center for Self Rule

It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the British thought of moving their capital from Calcutta to Delhi. Viceroy Harding wrote in a letter to the Secretary of State, the Earl of Crewe, that it was an anomaly to rule such a large country from its eastern end. He wrote that it would be better to move to Delhi, which is centrally located. The real reason for the rush to move capital from Calcutta to Delhi, however, was the growing opposition to British rule which was rising its head in Calcutta. The Indian self-government movement had become violent by this point and the British government was facing the heat of this movement, which was loudest in Calcutta. In order to weaken this self-determination movement, the British government divided Calcutta in 1905 into two parts, East Bengal and West Bengal.

Delhi was chosen to appease the feelings of the nationalists

To appease the feelings of the nationalists, the British government decided in 1911 to move their capital from Calcutta to Delhi. Interestingly, Lord Curzon, who was viceroy at the time of the partition of Bengal, criticized the move of the British capital to Delhi. Two British architects were hired to create an area to suit British tastes and tastes. This is how New Delhi came about with architecture and planning by Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. On February 13, 1931, Lord Irwin, then Viceroy of India, declared New Delhi the capital of India. Since then, the city has served as the country's capital.

New Delhi, the capital of India_SansadBhavan

Despite the UK government's hesitant withdrawal from Calcutta, Delhi is an ideal capital for India. Not only is it centrally located, in addition to the infrastructure, it also has the size and population to enable better administration of the country.

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