What is the difference between tour and excursion?

The main difference between a tour and an excursion is that the time for an excursion is comparatively shorter than for a tour.

In a nutshell, the term tour refers to a travel time that you see a specific area, while an excursion is a day trip that is usually taken by a group of people for fun. For example, you could go on a tour of India next week. During your visit to India, you will take a trip to enjoy the delicacies that are sold in the streets of Delhi. However, once you have visited all of the pre-planned locations in India, your tour is complete and you are returned to your country.

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Excursion, tour Difference Between Tour and Excursion - Comparative Summary

What is a tour

The word “tour” can be defined simply as a trip for pleasure, education, sport or business, often with a series of stops. However, a tour ends when the tourist returns to the starting point.

People go on tours for a variety of reasons. Tours have many physical and psychological benefits. For example, a tour is an effective way to reduce stress and thus minimize the risk of developing heart disease.

Tour vs. excursion

Additionally, sticking to your daily routine for a long time can do you more harm than good. Tours can passively help you to break away from the monotonous everyday life. Above all, tours to different communities offer you the opportunity to develop empathy for foreign cultures . In short, the purpose of guided tours can vary from person to person, but guided tours always provide an opportunity to develop empathy and a deeper understanding of foreign cultures.

What is an excursion

An excursion is an excursion taken by a group of people for recreational, physical, educational, social, etc. Most of the time, an excursion takes place as a supplement to a longer trip or tour.

An excursion offers you many advantages. Most importantly, the excursions educate you while allowing you to have an unforgettable time. Similar to a tour, you will always discover something new on an excursion. You can also go on excursions to get to know new cultures from which you were previously cut off.

Tour and excursion differences

For example, imagine you are a fashion designer in France for a tour. Then you should definitely plan a trip to Paris because Paris is the heart of fashion and there is so much to discover in terms of fashion and style. In short, excursions give you firsthand experience and the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture, which overall promises you a much more effective learning experience.

Similarities between tour and excursion

  1. A tour or excursion can have many purposes: fun, education, relaxation, etc .:
  2. Both types of travel will help you take a break from everyday life.
  3. Whether a tour or an excursion, both offer you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with new cultural factors.
  4. Both can boost confidence and social skills.
  5. Depending on the purpose of your tour or excursion, you can explore both.
  6. Both can be used to create lifelong memories and new experiences.
  7. They can give you a chance for real learning.

Difference between tour and excursion


In short, the term tour refers to a travel period during which you see a specific area, while an excursion is a day trip usually taken by a group of people for fun and often an addition to a longer trip or one Tour is.


The time it takes to go on an excursion is usually less than the time it takes to go on a tour. You can take part in excursions during your tour.


The purpose of a tour or excursion can vary from person to person. Basically, however, a tourist may be looking for pleasure, relaxation, education, business, sports, etc., while a daytripper may be looking for socializing, amusement, exploration, physical activity or education.

Planning and preparation

A tour requires pre-planning and preparation, so planning a tour takes more time. Excursions, on the other hand, are more of a sudden nature.

Connected terminology

A person who takes a tour is called a tourist, while a person who makes an excursion is called a day trippers.


The main difference between tour and excursion is that the time it takes for a tourist to go on his tour is quite long compared to the time it might take for a day-tripper to go on the excursion. However, both tours and excursions can be adventurous and can help expand your social network and build your confidence.


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