What is the difference between peach and apricot?

The main difference between peach and apricot is that peach is a stone fruit and is larger, juicier and sweeter than apricot.

Peach and apricot are two aromatic fruits. They belong to the same botanical genus Prunus. As a result, both peaches and apricots are closely related and have a similar hue and shape. Both fruits are high in nutrients and fiber. However, peaches and apricots are unique in their taste and differ in size.

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Apricot, peach Difference Between Peach and Apricot - Comparative Summary

What is a peach?

Peach is a round, delicious stone fruit with the scientific name Prunus persica. It was originally grown in northwest China. Peach skin is multi-colored with pink, yellow, and red color variations. Peaches usually have a velvety, fluffy skin. A peach seed is comparatively larger than an apricot seed. It has an oval shape with a reddish brown hue. However, the peach seed is poisonous and should not be consumed. The diameter of a fully grown peach is about 7 to 10 cm. Yellow peaches taste a bit tart and sweet, while white peaches are generally sweeter than yellow peaches. We can use peaches to make desserts, jams, jellies, cocktails, salads, etc.

Differences between peach and apricot

Peach is a fruit that is rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium and also high in fiber , natural sugars and proteins. Peaches have many health benefits. Most importantly, this fruit promises you healthy skin, bones, eyesight, and teeth. In addition to this, peaches also help lose weight, control cholesterol , etc. In addition, peach is a fruit with antiaging properties and also provides protection against diabetes, heart disease, AMD and certain types of cancer.

What is an apricot?

Apricot is an oval stone fruit with the scientific name Prunus armeniaca. It has a mixed sweet and tart taste. Apricot skin is smooth, but without fluff. The color of the apricot skin can vary from yellow to orange. Apricots are slightly smaller and less juicy than peaches. In fact, the diameter of a fully grown apricot is about 1.5 to 2.5 cm. In short, apricots are smaller than a peach.

Apricots are packed with nutrients that are massively beneficial to your health. Apricots act primarily as antioxidants and have the ability to improve digestion. In addition, apricots contain many important vitamins, minerals and potassium and are low in calories. In addition, apricot is a fruit that helps keep the body hydrated and promotes eye and skin health.

Comparison - peach vs apricot

Apricots are delicious in their raw form. Therefore, apricots are usually eaten raw or dried. The dried apricot is a traditional dried fruit and its seeds are used for medicinal purposes. Because of the sweet and tart taste of apricots, they are used in the preparation of sweet and savory recipes such as salads, juices, jellies, jams and baked goods.

Similarities Between Peach and Apricot

  1. Peach and apricot are delicious fruits. They belong to the same genus, Prunus.
  2. Peaches and apricots are good sources of nutrients.
  3. Both fruits have many culinary uses and we use them in many dishes such as juices, salads, desserts and jams.
  4. Peach and apricot are both summer fruits with a natural sweetness.
  5. These fruits have a similar shape.

Difference between peach and apricot


Peach is a round plum fruit with juicy yellow flesh, while apricot is a comparatively small plum fruit with white or yellow flesh.

Scientific name

The scientific name of peach is Prunus persica while the scientific name of apricot is Prunus armeniaca.


A peach is generally larger than an apricot.

Appearance and texture

A peach has a velvety skin with fluff, while an apricot has a smooth skin without fluff.


Peach stone can be poisonous and should not be consumed, while apricot stone is non-poisonous and is used for medicinal purposes.


In addition, peach is sweeter and juicier than apricot, which has a slightly tart taste.


Peaches are high in vitamin B3 while apricots are high in vitamins A and B5.


In general, apricots offer more calories than peaches

Culinary application

Peaches are mainly used for sweet dishes, while apricots are used equally for sweet and savory dishes due to their tart taste.

Health benefits

Both fruits promise you healthy skin and eyesight. However, peach is a fruit with anti-aging properties, while apricots act as antioxidants and have the ability to improve human digestion.


The main difference between peach and apricot is that a peach is a round stone fruit, while an apricot is an oval stone fruit that is smaller compared to a peach. A peach is naturally sweeter in taste than the less sugary and tart taste of an apricot. However, both summer fruits are not only delicious in taste, but also have many health benefits and great medicinal value.


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