What is the difference between onesies and bodies?

The main difference between onesies and bodysuits lies in their design; Onesies are loose, while bodysuits are tight-fitting .

Onesies and bodysuits are one-piece pieces of clothing for babies. These are cozy and comfortable and can serve as both nightwear and casual wear. Most parents may not be aware that there is a difference between them. Even some stores and baby brands label them as the same product. However, there is a subtle difference between onesies and bodysuits.

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What are onesies?

A onesie is a loose fitting one-piece garment that covers the upper body. It is comfortable casual and sleepwear for babies. It can also act as a diaper shirt or creeper. This is because it can hide the diaper. Onesies have a shirt-like pattern that extends beyond the waist and have buttons or snaps that close above the crotch, making it easy to change diapers. This design also prevents the garment from riding up on the baby's body and exposing the skin.

Difference Between Onesies and Bodysuits

Onesies come in many different designs and can even be worn as underwear or as a shirt. These are made from comfortable fabrics like cotton and flannel . It's also important to note that the word onesie is primarily used by Americans.

What are bodies

Bodysuits are tight-fitting, one-piece stretch garments. They usually don't have legs, but they can have long or short sleeves, or no sleeves at all. Bodysuits are soft and comfortable clothing designed for comfort and flexibility. They are often used as sleepwear for babies. Although they have a fitted design, they keep the baby comfortable and snuggly. You can even use them in both summer and winter.

Key Difference - Onesies vs Bodies

Baby bodysuits have press studs on the underside so that they can be easily removed when changing diapers. You can even pair it with cardigans and leggings for a complete outfit. It is also possible to wear it under other clothing to replace a vest and to keep the diaper secure.

Similarities Between Onesies and Bodies

  • Onesies and bodysuits are one-piece garments.
  • They are cozy and comfortable.
  • Onesies and bodysuits come in a variety of designs and colors.
  • In addition, they can have either short sleeves or long sleeves; they can even be sleeveless.
  • Both types of clothing can be used as nightwear.
  • They are easy to use with diapers.
  • They have buttons or snaps at the bottom (crotch area) that make it easier to take off the garment and change diapers.
  • In addition, both are suitable for winter and summer.
  • However, some stores and vendors may use these two words interchangeably.

Difference Between Onesies and Bodysuits


A onesie is a loose fitting one-piece garment that covers the upper body, while a bodysuit is a tight-fitting one-piece stretch garment.


While onesies sit loosely, bodies are tight-fitting.


Some rompers have legs, but bodysuits usually have no legs.


Onesies and bodysuits are one-piece pieces of clothing for babies. The main difference between onesies and bodysuits is in the design. Onesies are loose, while bodysuits are tight-fitting. Additionally, some onesies have legs, but bodysuits typically don't have legs.


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