What are the weekend getaways from Bangalore?

For those who live and work in Bangalore, knowing the weekend getaways from Bangalore is very useful. Bangalore is the capital of the southern state of Karnataka in India. It is a very beautiful and well developed city known for its IT industry and countless tourist attractions. It is home to millions of people from different backgrounds. If you live and work in Bangalore, you need to know the sights in the area to escape the busy schedule and monotony of this metropolis. What are the weekend getaways from Bangalore is a question that is asked by many people. This article takes a look at some of those places where you can have tons of fun and entertainment over the weekend.

Some weekend getaways from Bangalore


Just 50 km from Bangalore, this is where Gabbar Singh, a very popular villain from the Sholay movie, created a hiding place. The topography of this area is characterized by large rocks and boulders. You can enjoy the hilly terrain if you enjoy participating in adventurous outdoor activities like rock climbing, trekking, and rope traversing.

Shivanasamudra waterfalls

If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with these beautiful waterfalls just 135 km from Bangalore. They are formed from the river that branches off the Cauvery River as it forms two walls with water splashing out from a height. The area is covered with lush green vegetation and offers numerous opportunities for sightseeing and trekking.

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The historic city and the great Mysore Palace are only 160 km from Bangalore. Travel back in time as you step inside the majestic Mysore Palace. See relics of the past like Tipu Sultan's sword and marvel at the grand architecture of this beautiful palace. You can also visit the famous Mysore Zoo for some quality time in the company of nature. Don't forget to take the popular Mysore Food Tour.

What are the weekend getaways from Bangalore


Nagarhole is between Mysore and Coorg and is better known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park. It is a tiger reserve that is now a World Heritage Site. In addition to the exciting wildlife, you also have the opportunity to see breathtaking natural landscapes here.


If you are a nature lover, you will fall in love with the scenic beauty of Sakleshpur. It is located 223 km from Bangalore. This place is a hidden treasure as you suddenly find yourself in an area covered by misty mountains, meadows, rivers, waterfalls, streams and lush green meadows. It is an ideal retreat if you want to spend some moments in the lap of mother nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Coorg is a very beautiful mountain town located 276 km from Bangalore. Also known as Kodagu, this place is famous for its exuberant natural beauty. The area is covered with many hills covered with lush green vegetation. In addition to fog-covered mountains, there are also several lakes and streams. This place is ideal for you if you want to spend relaxing moments under the sun or take part in fun outdoor activities.


Ooty is a very popular hill station located just 276 km from Bangalore. When the weather in Bangalore is hot and humid, come here for a weekend for some cool air. Ooty is considered a honeymooner's paradise and not only offers greenery, but also mountains and fields full of flowers that will relax your mind for a while.

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