How many 7 star hotels are there in the world

Before looking at the 7 star hotels in the world, it is important to know what the star rating system is. The star system is used to denote the level of luxury and service. However, there is no global ranking system in the tourism and hospitality industry. All over the world there are different ranking systems developed by different governments, travel organizations and websites. Most of these systems use a star system, with the larger number of stars indicating more luxury.

This article examines

1. How many 7-star hotels are there in the world?

2. What are the hotels known as 7 star hotels?

- Burj Al Arab, Dubai - Pangu Seven Star Hotel, Beijing - Town House Galleria, Italy

How many 7 star hotels are there in the world

Although some hotels apply as 7-star hotels, there are no “official” 7-star hotels in the world. As discussed in the introduction to this article, there are different star ranking systems around the world. But none of the major, universally recognized ranking systems like AAA, Forbes, and Expedia offer 7-star ratings for hotels. 5 stars are the maximum number of stars given by these rating systems.

However, there are some luxury hotels that are advertised and known all over the world as 7 stars in the world. Below are some of these hotels.

What are the hotels known as 7 star hotels?

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai is one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in the world. Considered the fourth tallest hotel in the world, it stands on a man-made island 920 feet from Jumeirah Beach. This hotel is connected to the mainland by a private bridge. The exterior of this hotel is modeled on the sail of a ship.

The hotel has 28 double storey floors and 202 bedroom suites. The Royal Suite, the hotel's most expensive suite, cost around $ 20,000 a night (as of January 2017). This hotel also offers an open-space tennis court, private beach, helipad, fine dining, and personal butler service.

How many 7 star hotels are there in the world - Burj Al Arab

Townhouse Galleria, Italy

The Town House Galleria is a luxury hotel in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the oldest shopping centers in the world. This is one of the few hotels that is in a national monument. This hotel received its seven-star ranking from a Geneva-based certification company called SGS (which is not an official hotel ranking organization).

There are seven suites at this hotel and all have a direct view of the frescoes and mosaic floors of the Galleria. This hotel also offers a spa, an oyster bar and several restaurants. However, the entrance to the hotel looks very average and only guests are allowed to enter.

How many 7 star hotels are there in the world - Town House Galleria Italy

Pangu Seven Star Hotel, Beijing

Pangu Seven Star Hotel, formerly known as Morgan Plaza , is a luxury hotel in China. The hotel is located in the Pangu Plaza complex and offers spectacular views of the Beijing Olympic Park and many other Olympic venues. It is also near China's largest and fourth largest library in the world. The interior of this hotel is a perfect combination of western and oriental architecture.

How many 7 star hotels are there in the world - Pangu Seven Star Hotel Beijing

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Pangu Seven Star Hotel, Beijing

Townhouse Galleria, Milano

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

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