Difference between red and white potatoes

The main difference between red and white potatoes is that red potatoes are the bright red potatoes that are less starchy and sugary, while white potatoes are the starchy brown potatoes. Also , red potatoes are medium-sized and are better suited to salads, chowders, and soups. White potatoes, on the other hand, can be small to large and are better suited for frying, pureeing, baking and toasting.

Red and white potatoes are the two main types of potatoes. In general, potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables around the world.

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1. What are red potatoes - definition, properties, meaning 2. What are white potatoes - definition, properties, meaning 3. What are the similarities between red and white potatoes - outline of the common characteristics 4. What is the difference between red and white ? Potatoes - comparison of the main differences

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Difference Between Red and White Potatoes - Comparative Summary

What are red potatoes

Red potatoes are medium-sized, round potatoes with a thin, red skin and white flesh. They are also called red bliss potatoes . Because the pulp of red potatoes contains less starch, it is waxy and firm.

Difference between red and white potatoes

Figure 1: Red potatoes

Because of their firm texture, red potatoes are mainly used in soups, stews, cooking, roasting, potato salads and casseroles. In addition, they are not very suitable for pureeing.

What are white potatoes?

White potatoes are the most commonly grown potatoes with a brown skin and white or yellow flesh. They are native to South America. These potatoes are also called Brown Rosset potatoes or Idaho .

Main difference - red and white potatoes

Figure 2: White potatoes

In addition, white potatoes have the neutral potato taste and a fluffy, creamy and soft texture. Therefore, white potatoes are better for baking, pureeing and french fries. Generally speaking, white potatoes are used in recipes that don't need them to keep the potato shape.

Similarities Between Red and White Potatoes

  • Red and white potatoes are starchy vegetables.
  • They are edible tubers.
  • Both contain carbohydrates, fiber, and protein, and are free from fat.

Difference between red and white potatoes


Red Potatoes: Medium-sized, round potatoes with thin, red skin and white flesh

White potatoes: Commonly grown potatoes with a brown skin and white or yellow flesh

Named as

Red Potatoes: Red Bliss Potatoes

White potatoes: Brown and red potatoes or Idaho


Red potatoes: Medium

White potatoes: small to large

Skin color

Red potatoes: light red skin with a white inside

White potatoes: Brown skin, but white or brown inside


Red Potatoes: Waxy, less starchy and more sugary

White potatoes: Starchy inside and slightly dense


Red potatoes: Generally cooked with the skin on

White potatoes: cooked with or without the skin

Cooking techniques

Red potatoes: Better for oiling, frying, grilling, gratinating and steaming

White potatoes: Better for frying, baking, pureeing or frying

Used in

Red potatoes: salads, soups, chowders and fried potato dishes

White potatoes: french fries


Red potatoes have thin, red skin, while white potatoes have brown skin. In addition, red potatoes have less starch than white potatoes, but more sugar. Also, red potatoes are best for dishes like salads that require the firmness of potatoes. Meanwhile, white potatoes are good for porridge.


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